Royal Treatment - massage therapy

Warm Bamboo Massage
If you're looking for deep tissue massage, this is the service for you! This new modality utilizes solid, polished pieces of heated bamboo to soothe tight muscles and loosen tension.  The combination of heat and pressure is very effective for breaking up those stubborn knots, and it feels amazing!  Offered in 75 and 90 minute sessions, you'll feel tension and stress melt away as your muscles are smoothed out with warm bamboo.

Sound Healing Chakra Balance
This new service incorporates ancient techniques using the sounds of various instruments combined with soothing music specifically targeting the body's energy centers, called chakras. Let the sound of sacred drums, singing bowls, rattles, and other instruments rejuvenate your spirit and help clear blocked energies in the body.

These new services are provided by Aimee Chellew, LMBT (NC License #9081) and Windy Crater, LMBT (NC License #8981).  
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Massage Therapy Services

Swedish Massage
60 minute session $65
75 minute session $80
90 minute session $95

Warm Bamboo Massage
(Deep Tissue)
75 minute session $85
90 minute session $100

Pre-Natal Massage
60 minute Pre-natal $75
75 minute Pre-natal $90
90 minute Pre-natal $105

Sound Healing Chakra Balance
60 minutes $60
with Reiki - 75 minutes $75
Add-on Services
Sound healing  - 10 minutes $15
Aromatherapy scalp/facial massage - 10 minutes $10
Reiki - 15 minutes $15

Couples massages available (separate rooms)

Package pricing and gift certificates are available!
Located in Midtown Greensboro, NC.